Acetic Acid

by H. C. Allen

Glacial Acetic Acid. (CH3COOH.)

Acetic Acid adapted to pale lean persons with lax, flabby muscles; face pale, waxy (Ferrum). Haemorrhage; from every mucous outlet, nose, throat, lungs, stomach, bowels, uterus (Ferrum, Millefolium); metrorrhagia; vicarious; traumatic epistaxis (Arnica). Acetic Acid has Marasmus and other wasting diseases of children (Abrotanum, Iodium, Sanicula, Tuberculinum). Great prostration; after injuries (Acid Sulphuricum); after surgical shock; after anaesthetics. Thirst; intense, burning, insatiable even for large quantities in dropsy, diabetes, chronic diarrhoea; but no thirst in fever. Acetic Acid has Sour belching and vomiting of pregnancy, burning water-brash and profuse salivation, day and night (Acid Lacticum, salivation < at night, Mercurius s.). Diarrhoea; copious, exhausting, great thirst; in dropsy, typhus, phthisis; with night sweats. True croup, hissing respiration, cough with inhalation (Spongia); last stages. Inhalation of vapor of cider vinegar has been successfully used in croup and malignant diphtheria. Cannot sleep lying on the back (sleeps better on back, Arsenicum); sensation of sinking in abdomen causing dyspnoea; rests better lying on belly (Ammonium carb.). Hectic fever, skin dry and hot; red spot on left cheek and drenching night sweats.

Abrotanum Relationship: It antidotes anaesthetic vapors (Amyl.); fumes of charcoal and gas; Opium and Stramonium. Cider vinegar antidotes Carbolic acid. Follows well; after Cinchona, in haemorrhage; after Digitalis, in dropsy. It aggravates; the symptoms of Arnica, Belladonna, Lachesis, Mercurius, especially the headache from Belladonna.