Aloe Socotrina

by H. C. Allen

Aloe Socotrina has Adapted to indolent, “weary” persons; averse to either mental or physical labor; mental labor fatigues. Old people; especially women of relaxed, phelgmatic habit. Aloe Socotrina has Extreme prostration, with perspiration. Itch appears each year, as winter approaches (Psorinum). Dissatisfied and angry about himself or his complaints, especially when constipated. homeopathy medicine, complete details of homeopathic remedy Diseases of mucous membranes; causes the production of mucus in jelly-like lumps from throat or rectum; affects mucous membrane of rectum. Headache across the forehead < by every footstep (Belladonna, Bryonia); with heaviness of eyes and nausea. Headaches: are worse from heat, better from cold applications (Arsenicum); alternating with lumbago; after insufficient stool. Diarrhoea: has to hurry to closet immediately after eating and drinking (Croton tiglium); with want of confidence in sphincter ani; driving out of bed early in the morning (Psorinum, Rumex, Sulph.). When passing flatus, sensation as if stool would pass with it. (Oleander, Acid Muriaticum, Natrum mur.). Colic: cutting, griping pain in right lower portion of abdomen; excruciating, before and during stool; all pains cease after stool, leaving profuse sweating and extreme weakness; attacks preceded by obstinate constipation. Aloe Socotrina has Flatus offensive, burning copious; much flatus with small stool (Agaricus); burning in anus after passage of flatus. Solid stool and masses of mucus pass involuntarily; hungry during diarrhoea. Before stool: rumbling, violent sudden urging; heaviness in rectum; during stool, tenesmus and much flatus; after stool faintness. Aloe Socotrina has Haemorrhoids: blue, like a bunch of grapes (Acid Muriaticum); constant bearing down in rectum; bleeding, sore, tender, hot, relieved by cold water; intense itching. Itching and burning in anus, preventing sleep (Ind.).

Aloe Socotrina Relationship. – Like Sulphur in many chronic diseases with abdominal plethora and congestion of portal circulation; develops suppressed eruptions. Similar: to, Ammonium muriaticum, Gambogia, Nux vomica, Podophyllum

Aggravation. – Early morning; sedentary life; hot dry weather; after eating or drinking; standing or walking.

Amelioration. – Cold water; cold weather; discharge of flatus and stool.