Ammonium Muriaticum

by H. C. Allen

Ammonium Muriaticum suits Especially adapted to those who are fat and sluggish; or body large and fat, but legs too thin. Watery, acrid coryza, corroding the lip (Allium cepa). During menses: diarrhoea and vomiting; bloody discharge from the bowels (Phosphorus); neuralgic pains in the feet; flow more profuse at night (Bovista – on lying down, Kreosotum). Obstinate constipation accompanied by much flatus. Ammonium Muriaticum hasHard, crumbling stools require great effort in expulsion; crumble from the verge of anus. (Magnesia muriatica); vary in color, no two stools alike (Pulsatilla). Haemorrhoids: sore and smarting; with burning and stinging in the rectum for hours after stool (Aesculus, Sulphur); especially after suppressed leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea; like white of egg, preceded by griping pain about the navel; brown, slimy, painless, after every urination. Sensation of coldness in the back, between scapulae (Lachesis). Hamstrings feel painfully short when walking; tension in joints as from shortening of the muscles (Causticum, Cimex). Ammonium Muriaticum has Offensive sweat of the feet (Alumina, Graphites, Psorinum, Sanicula, Silicea).

Ammonium Muriaticum Relationship. – Followed: by Antim crud., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sanicula