Amylenum Nitrosum

by H. C. Allen

Amylenum Nitrosum suits For nervous, sensitive, plethoric women, during or after menopause. Often palliative in incurable cases; very important as regards euthanasia. Rapidly dilates the arteries and accelerates, but later weakens and retards the pulse. Intense surging of blood to face and head (Belladonna, Gloninum). Craves fresh air; opens clothing, removes bed covering and opens windows in the coldest weather (Argentum nitricum, Lachesis, Sulphur). Flushings: start from face, stomach, various parts of body, followed by sweatings, often hot, profuse; abruptly limited, parts below are icy cold; followed by great prostration. Face flushes at the slightest emotion (Coca, Ferrum). Blushing: chronic or acute; sea sickness. Amylenum Nitrosum has Hemicrania, especially when afflicted side is pallid. Collar seems too tight, must loosen it (Lachesis). Amylenum Nitrosum has Angina pectoris; tumultuous heart action; intense throbbing of heart and carotids (Gloninum). Constant stretching for hours; impossible to satisfy the desire; would seize the bed and call for help to stretch. Profound and repeated yawning (Kali carb.). Puerperal convulsions immediately after delivery.

Amylenum Nitrosum Relationship. – Similar: to, Belladonna, Cactus grandiflorus, Coca, Ferrum, Gloninum, Lachesis

Aggravation. – Mental or physical exertion. Acts promptly by inhalation; resuscitates persons sinking under anaesthetics. Crude drug chiefly palliative; must be repeated as patient becomes accustomed to it; is curative in the stronger higher potencies. The cure more frequently depends upon the strength of the potency than many who have not put it to the curative test imagine.