Benzoic Acid

by H. C. Allen

Benzoic Acid is A gouty, rheumatic diathesis engrafted on a gonorrhoeal or syphilitic patient.

Benzoic Acid Gouty concretions; arthritis vaga; affects all the joints, especially the knee, cracking on motion; nodosities ( Berberis, Lithium carb., Lyssinum ).

Urine dark brown, and the urinous odor highly intensified.

Enuresis nocturna of delicate children; dribbling urine of old men with enlarged prostrate; strong characteristic odor; excesses of uric acid.

Benzoic Acid has Catarrh of bladder after suppressed gonorrhea.

Diarrhoea of children; white, very offensive, exhausting liquid stools, running “right through the diaper” ( Podophyllum ); urine offensive and of a deep red color.

Cough: with expectoration of green mucus ( Natrum sulph. ); extreme weariness, lassitude.

Pains tearing, stitching, in large joints of big toe; redness and swelling of joints; gout < at night.

Benzoic Acid Relation. – Similar: to, Copaiva, Nitr., Ferrum, Thuja, especially in enuresis after Nitr. has failed; Berberis, [Lithium carb.], in arthritic complaints.

Useful after Colchicum fails in gout; after abuse of Copaiva in suppression of gonorrhoea.

Incompatible: wine, which aggravates urinary gouty and rheumatic affections.