by H. C. Allen

Puffball (Fungi.)

Bovista suited for Persons who suffer from tettery eruptions, dry or moist.

Adapted to old maids; with palpitation.

Stammering children ( Stramonium ).

Bovista has Discharge from nose and all mucous membranes; very tough, stringy, tenacious ( Kali bichromicum ).

Usually deep impression on finger, from using blunt instruments, scissors, knife, etc.

Intolerance of tight clothing around the waist ( Calcarea, Lachesis, Sulphur ).

Sweat in axilla, smells like onions.

Bovista has Haemorrhage: after extraction of teeth ( Hamamelis ); from wounds, epistaxis.

Great weakness of joints and weariness of hands and feet.

Awkwardness, inclined to drop things from hand ( Apis ); objects fall from powerless hands.

Bovista has Menses: flow only at night; not in the daytime ( Magnesia carb. – only in the day, ceases lying, Cactus grandiflorus, Causticum, Lilium ); every two weeks, dark and clotted; with painful bearing down ( Sepia ).

Intolerable itching at tip of coccyx; must scratch til parts become raw and sore.

Bovista Relations. – Compare: Ammonium carb., Belladonna, Calcarea, [Magnesia sulphurica], Sepia, in menstrual irregularities.

Bovista antidotes, effects of local applications of tar; suffocation from gas.

When Rhus seems indicated, but fails to cure, in chronic urticaria.