by H. C. Allen

Bromine. (The Element.)

Bromium homeopathy medicine, complete details of homeopathic remedy Bromium from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen…

Bromium acts best, but not exclusively, on persons with light blue eyes, flaxen hair, light eyebrows, fair, delicate skin; blonde, red-cheeked, scrofulous girls.

Bromium has Sensation of cobweb on the face ( Baryta, Borax, Graphites ).

Fan-like motion of the alae nasi ( Antim tart., Lycopodium ).

Sailors suffer with asthma “on shore.”

Stony, hard, scrofulous or tuberculous swelling of glands, especially on lower jaw and throat (thyroid, submaxillary, parotid, testes).

Bromium Diphtheria: where the membrane forms in pharynx; beginning in bronchi, trachea or larynx, and extending upwards; chest pains running upwards.

Membranous and diphtheritic croup; much rattling of mucus during cough, but no choking (as in Hepar. ); sounds loose, but no expectoration ( Antim tart. ).

Croupy symptoms with hoarseness during whooping cough; gasping for breath.

Dyspnoea: cannot inspire deep enough; as if breathing through a sponge or the air passages were full of smoke or vapor of sulphur; rattling, sawing; voice inaudible; danger of suffocation from mucous in larynx (in bronchi, Antim tart. ).

Hypertrophy of heart from gymnastics in growing boys (from calisthenics in young girls, Causticum ).

Bromium Physometra; loud emission of flatus from the vagina ( Lycopodium ); membranous dysmenorrhoea ( Lac caninum ).

Cold sensation in larynx on inspiration ( Rhus, Sulphur ); > after shaving (< after shaving, Carbo animalis ).

Bromium Relations. – Compare: in croup and croupy affections, [Chlorum], Hepar, Iodium, Spongia

Hard goitre cured after Iodium failed.

Bromium has cured in croup after failure of Iodium, Phosphorus, Hepar, Spongia; especially in relapses after Iodium

“The chief distinction between Bromium and Iodium is the former cures the blue-eyed and the latter the black-eyed patients.” – Hering.