Calcarea Arsenica

by H. C. Allen

Arsenite of Lime

Calcarea Arsenica has Great mental depression.

The slightest emotion causes palpitation of heart ([Lithium carb.]).

Calcarea Arsenica Rush of blood to head and left chest ( Amyl., Gloninum ).

Epilepsies, from valvular diseases of the heart.

Calcarea Arsenica Complaints of drunkards, after abstaining; craving for alcohol ( Asarum europaeum, Acid sulphuricum ).

Complaints of fleshy women when approaching the menopause.

Calcarea Arsenica Relations. – Compare: Conium, Gloninum, [Lithium carb.], Pulsatilla, Nux.

Follows well: after Conium, in lymphatic, psoric or tubercular persons