Calcarea phos

by H. C. Allen

Phosphate of Lime (Calcium Phosphate)

Calcarea phos suited For persons of anaemic and dark complexioned, dark hair and eyes; thin spare subjects, instead of fat.

During first and second dentition of scrofulous children; diarrhoea and great flatulence.

Calcarea phos. Children: emaciated, unable to stand; slow in learning to walk ( Calcarea, Silicea ); sunken, flabby abdomen.

Oozing of bloody fluid from naval of infants (of urine, Hyoscyamus ).

Rachitis; cranial bones thin and brittle; fontanelles and sutures remain open so long, or close and reopen; delayed or complicated teething.

Spine weak, disposed to curvatures, especially to the left, unable to support body, neck weak, unable to support head ( Abrotanum ).

Girls at puberty, tall, growing rapidly, tendency of bone to soften or spine to curve ( Theridion ).

At puberty; acne in anaemic girls with vertex headache and flatulent dyspepsia, > by eating.

Ailments from grief, disappointed love ( Aurum, Ignatia, Phosphorus ac. ).

Calcarea phos Feels complaints more when thinking about them ( Helonias, Acid oxalicum ).

Involuntary sighing ( Ignatia ).

Non-union of bones; promotes callous ( Symphytum ).

Rheumatism of cold weather; getting well in spring and returning in autumn.

Headache of school-girls ( Natrum mur., Psorinum ); diarrhoea.

At every attempt to eat, colic pains in abdomen.

Fistula in ano, alternating with chest symptoms ( Berberis ); lack of animal heat; cold sweat and general coldness of body.

Calcarea phos Relations. – Complementary: Ruta.

Similar: to Carbo animalis, Calcarea fluor., Calcarea, Acidum fluoricum, Kali phos.; to Psorinum, in debility remaining after acute diseases; to Silicea, but sweat of head is wanting.

Acts best: before Iodium, Psorinum, Sanicula, Sulphur; after Arsenicum, Iodium, Tuberculinum

Aggravation. – Exposure to damp, cold, changeable weather; east winds; melting snow; mental exertion.

Amelioration. – In summer; warm, dry atmosphere

Calcarea phos