Cannabis sativa

by H. C. Allen

Hemp. (Urticaccae)

Cannabis Sativa has Sensation as of drops of water falling on or from single parts; on the head, form the anus, stomach, heart.

Obstinate constipation, causing retention of the urine; constriction of anus.

Contraction of fingers after a sprain.

Dislocation of patella on going up stairs.

Dyspnoea or asthma, where the patient can only breathe by standing up.

Choking in swallowing, things go down “the wrong way” ( Anacardium ).

Acute, inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea (second stages, burning after urination, discharge thick, yellow, pus-like, Cub. ).

Urethra very sensitive to touch or pressure; cannot walk with legs close together, it hurts the urethra.

Cannabis Sativa Pain extending from orifice of urethra backward, burning-biting, posteriorly more sticking, while urinating.

Tearing pains along urethra in a zigzag direction.

Cannabis Sativa Relations. – Similar: to, Cantharis, Caps., Gelsemium, Petros., in early stages of specific urethritis.