by H. C. Allen

Spanish Flies (Cantharideae)

Cantharis has Oversensitiveness of all parts.

Haemorrhages from nose, mouth, intestines, genital and urinary organs.

Pain; raw, sore, burning in every part of the body, internally and externally; with extreme weakness.

Disgust for everything; drink, food, tobacco.

Drinking even small quantities of water increases pain in the bladder.

Cantharis has Constant urging to urinate, passing but a few drops at the time, which is mixed with blood (sudden desire to urinate and intense itching in urethra, Petros. ).

Intolerable urging, before, during and after urination; violent pains in bladder.

Cantharis has Burning, cutting pains in urethra during micturition; violent tenesmus and strangury.

Stool: passage of white or pale, red, tough mucus, like scrapings from the intestines, with streaks of blood ( Carb. an., Colchicum ).

Bloody, nocturnal emission ( Ledum, Mercurius, Petroleum ).

Sexual desire: increased both sexes; preventing sleep; violent priapism, with excessive pain ( Pic. ac. ).

Tenacious mucus in the air passages ( Bovista, Kali bichromicum); compare Cantharis if vesical symptoms correspond.

Skin: vesicular erysipelas; vesicles all over body which are sore and suppurating.

Erythema from exposure to sun’s rays (sunburn).

The burning pain and intolerable urging to urinate, is the red strand of Cantharis in all inflammatory affections.

Cantharis Relations. – Similar: to, Apis, Arsenicum, Equis., Mercurius

Burns before blisters form and when they have formed. In the skin be unbroken, apply an alcoholic solution of any potency and cover with cotton; this will promptly relieve pain and often prevent vesication. If the skin be broken use in boiled or distilled water, and in each case give potency internally.