Carbo Animalis

by H. C. Allen

Animal Charcoal

Carbo Animalis Headache: as if a tornado in head; as if head had been blown to pieces; has to sit up at night and hold it together.

Carbo Animalis has Diseases of elderly persons with marked venous plethora, blue cheeks, blue lips, and great debility.

Circulation feeble, stagnated, and vital heat sinks to a minimum; cyanosis ( Antim tart., Carbo vegetabilis ).

Carbo Animalis Glands: indurated, swollen, painful; in neck, axillae, groin, mammae; pains lancinating, cutting, burning ( Conium ).

Benign suppurations change into ichorous or malignant conditions.

Easily strained from lifting, even small weights; straining and overlifting easily produce great debility; ankles turn when walking.

Joints weak; easily sprained by slight exertion ( Ledum ).

Carbo Animalis has Aversion to open, dry, cold air.

After appearance of menses so weak she can hardly speak ( Alumina, Cocculus indicus ); menses flow only in the morning.

Hearing confused; cannot tell from what direction a sound comes.

A stitching pain remains in chest after recovery from pleurisy ( Ranunculus bulbosus );

Menstruation, leucorrhoea, diarrhoea are all exhausting ( Arsenicum – are all offensive, Psorinum ).

Carbo Animalis Relations. – Complementary: Calcarea phos.

Similar: to, [Bad.], Bromium, Carbo vegetabilis, Phosphorus, Sepia, Sulphur

Carbo animalis is often useful after bad effects from spoiled fish and decayed vegetables ( Carbo vegetabilis, Cepa ).

Aggravation. – After shaving ( > after, Bromium ); slightest touch, after midnight.