Carbolic Acid

by H. C. Allen

Glacial Carbolic Acid

Carbolic Acid potencies are made with alcohol (an exception to the rule of preparing acids).

Pains are terrible; come suddenly, last a short time, disappear suddenly ( Belladonna, Magnesium phos. ).

Carbolic Acid has Profound prostration, collapse; surface pale and bathed in cold sweat ( Camph., Carbo vegetabilis, Verbascum ).

Physical exertion, even much walking, brings on abscess in some part, but generally in the right ear. – R. T. Cooper.

Dull, heavy, frontal headache, as if a rubber band were stretched tightly over the forehead, from temple to temple ( Gelsemium, Platina, Sulphur ).

Carbolic Acid is useful when burns tend to ulceration and ichorous discharge.

Putrid discharges from mouth, nose, throat, nostrils, rectum and vagina ( Anthracinum, Psorinum, Pyrogen ).

Malignant scarlatina and variola ( Ammonium carb. ).

Carbolic Acid helps in Lacerated wounds with blunt instruments; bones bare, crushed; much sloughing of soft parts ( Calendula ).

Longing for whiskey and tobacco ( Asarum europaeum, Carbo vegetabilis ).

Vomiting: of drunkards, in pregnancy, sea-sickness, cancer; of dark, olive-green fluid ( Pyrogen ).

Dysentery: fluid mucus, like scrapings of mucus membranes, and great tenesmus ( Cantharis ); diarrhoea, stool thin, involuntary, black, of an intolerable odor.

Constipation, with horrible offensive breath ( Opium, Psorinum ).

Leucorrhoea: acid, copious, fetid, green.

Relations. – Compare: Arsenicum, Kreos, in burns; ulcers with unhealthy, offensive discharges, Gelsemium, Mercurius, Sulphur

Carbolic acid is antidoted by dilute cider vinegar, either externally or internally, when acid has been swallowed accidentally, or taken for suicidal purposes.