by H. C. Allen

Matricaria Chambilla. (Compositae)

Chamomilla suits persons, especially children, with light brown hair, nervous, excitable temperament; oversensitive from use or abuse of coffee or narcotics.

Chamomilla Children, new-born and during period of dentition.

Peevish, irritable, oversensitive to pain, driven to despair ( Coffea ); snappish, cannot return a civil answer.

Chamomilla child is exceedingly irritable, fretful; quiet only when carried; impatient, wants this or that and becomes angry when refused, or when offered, petulantly rejects it ( Bryonia, Cina, Kreosotum ); “too ugly to live;” cross, spiteful.

Piteous moaning of child because he cannot have what he wants; whining restlessness.

Chamomilla Patient cannot endure any one near him; is cross, cannot bear to be spoken to ( Silicea ); averse to talking, answers peevishly.

Complaints from anger, especially chill and fever.

Pain: seems unendurable, drives to despair; < by heat; < evening before midnight; with heat, thirst and fainting; with numbness of affected part; eructations <.

One cheek red and hot, the other pale and cold.

Oversensitive to open air; great aversion to wind, especially about ears.

Toothache if anything warm is taken into the mouth ( Bismuth, Bryonia, Coffea ); on entering a warm room; in bed; from coffee; during menses or pregnancy.

Labor pains; spasmodic, distressing, wants to get away from them; tearing down the legs; press upward.

Diarrhoea: from cold, anger or chagrin; during dentition; after tobacco; in child-bed; from downward motion ( Borax, Sanicula ).

Stool green, watery, corroding, like chopped eggs and spinach; hot, very offensive, like rotten eggs.

Nipples inflamed, tender to touch ( Helonias, Phytolacca ); infant’s breasts tender to touch.

Milk runs out in nursing women (runs out after weaning, Conium ).

Convulsions of children from nursing, after a fit of anger in mother ( Nux – after fright in mother, Opium ).

Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed at night, compel him to walk about ( Rhus ).

Sleepy, but cannot sleep ( Belladonna, Causticum, Opium ).

Burning of soles at night, puts feet out of bed ( Pulsatilla, Medorrhinum, Sulphur ).

Chamomilla Relations. – Complementary: Belladonna in diseases of children, cranial nerves; Chamomilla, abdominal nerves.

In cases spoiled by the use of opium or morphine in complaints of children.

Compare: Belladonna, Borax, Bryonia, Coffea, Pulsatilla, Sulphur

Mental calmness contra-indicates Chamomilla.

Aggravation. – By heat; anger; evening, before midnight; open air; in the wind; eructations.

Amelioration. – From being carried; fasting; warm, wet weather.