Cicuta Virosa

by H. C. Allen

Water Hemlock (Umbelliferae)

Cicuta Virosa Women subject to epileptic and choreic convulsions; spasms of teething children, or from worms.

Cicuta Virosa Convulsions: violent, with frightful distortions of limbs and whole body; with loss of consciousness; opisthotonos; renewed from slightest touch, noise or jar.

Puerperal convulsions: frequent suspension of breathing for a few moments, as if dead; upper part of the body most affected; continue after delivery.

Cicuta Virosa Epilepsy: with swelling of the stomach as from violent spasms of the diaphragm; screaming; red or bluish face; lockjaw, loss of consciousness and distortion of limbs; frequent during the night; recurring, first at short, then at long intervals.

When reading, the letters seem to turn, go up or down or disappear ( Cocculus indicus ).

During dentition, grinding of teeth or gums; compression of the jaws as in lockjaw.

Abnormal appetite for chalk and indigestible things; for coal or charcoal; child eats them with apparent relish ( Alumina, Psorinum ).

Suffer violent shocks through head, stomach, arms, legs, which cause jerkings of the parts; head hot.

Injurious chronic effects from concussions of the brain and spine, especially spasms; trismus and tetanus from getting splinters into flesh ( Hypericum ).

Pustules which run together, forming thick, yellow scabs, on head and face. Sycosis menti.

Eczema: no itching; exudation forms into a hard lemon-colored crust.

Brain disease from suppressed eruptions.

Cicuta Virosa Relations. – Compare: [Hydrastis ac.], Hypericum, Nux, [Strych.]

Aggravation. – From tobacco smoke ( Ignatia ); touch.