Collinsonia Canadensis

by H. C. Allen

Stone Root. (Labiatae)

Collinsonia Canadensis suited to Pelvic and portal congestion, resulting in dysmenorrhoea and haemorrhoids.

Congestion of pelvic viscera, with haemorrhoids, especially in latter months of pregnancy.

Dropsy from cardiac disease.

Collinsonia Canadensis Palpitation; in patients subject to piles and indigestion; heart’s action persistently rapid but weak.

After heart is relieved old piles reappear, or suppressed menses return.

Chronic, painful, bleeding piles; sensation as if sticks, sand or gravel had lodged in rectum ( Aesculus ).

Haemorrhoidal dysentery with tenesmus.

Alternate constipation and diarrhoea; congestive inertia of lower bowel; stools sluggish and hard with pain and great flatulence. Constipation.

Pruritus in pregnancy with haemorrhoids, unable to lie down

Relations. – in heart disease complicated with haemorrhoids consult Collinsonia when Cactus grandiflorus, Digitalis, and other remedies fail.

Has cured colic after Colocynthis and Nux had failed.

Compare: Aesculus, Aloe, Chamomilla, Nux, Sulphur

Aggravation. – The slightest mental emotion or excitement aggravates the symptoms ( Argentum nitricum ).