by H. C. Allen

Black Lead. (Amorphous Carbon.)

Graphites Suited to women, inclined to obesity, who suffer from habitual constipation; with a history of delayed menstruation. “What Pulsatilla is at puberty, Graphites is at the climacteric.”. Excessive cautiousness; timid; hesitates; unable to decide about anything (Pulsatilla). Fidgety while sitting at work (Zincum met.). Sad, despondent; music makes her weep; thinks of nothing but death (music is intolerable, Natrum carb., Sabina). Eczema of lids; eruption moist and fissured; lids red and margins covered with scales or crusts. Sexual debility from sexual abuse. Menses: too scanty, pale, late with violent colic; irregular; delayed from getting feet wet (Pulsatilla). Morning sickness during menstruation; very weak and prostrated (Alumina, Carbo animalis, Cocculus indicus). Leucorrhoea: acrid, excoriating; occurs in gushes day and night; before and after menses (before Sepia, after, Kreosotum). Hard cicatrices remaining after mammary abscess, retarding the flow of milk; cancer of breast, from old scars and repeated abscesses. Unhealthy skin; every injury suppurates (Hepar); old cicatrices break open again; eruptions upon the ears, between fingers and toes and on various parts of body, from which oozes a watery, transparent sticky fluid. The nails brittle, crumbling, deformed (Antim crud.); painful, sore, as if ulcerated; thick and crippled. Cracks or fissures in ends of fingers, nipples, labial comminssures; of anus; between the toes. Burning round spot on vertex (Calcarea, Sulphur – cold spot, Sepia, Verbascum). Cataleptic condition; conscious, but without power to move or speak. Takes cold easily, sensitive to draught of air (Borax, Calcarea, Hepar, Nux). Suffering parts emaciate. Hears better when in a noise; when riding in a carriage or car, when there is a rumbling sound (Acid nitricum). Diarrhoea: stools brown, fluid, mixed with undigested substances, and of an intolerable odor; often caused by suppressed eruptions (Psorinum). Chronic constipation; stool difficult, large, hard, knotty, with lumps united by mucous threads; too large (Sulphur); smarting sore pain in anus after stool. Children: impudent, teasing, laugh at reprimands. Sensation of cobwebs on forehead, tries hard to brush it off (Baryta, Borax, Bromium, Ranunculus s.). Phlegmonus erysipelas: of face, with burning, stinging pain; commencing on right side, going to left; after application of iodine. Decided aversion to coition (both sexes).

Graphites Relations. – Complementary: Causticum, Hepar, Lycopodium Graphites follows well: after Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, after Calcarea in obesity of young women with large amount of unhealthy adipose tissue; follows Sulph. well in skin affections; after Sepia in gushing leucorrhoea. Similar: to, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla in menstrual troubles.

Aggravation. – At night, during and after menstruation.