by H. C. Allen

St. Ignatius Bean. (Loganiaceae)

Ignatia Especially suited to nervous temperament; women of a sensitive, easily excited nature; dark hair and skin but mild disposition, quick to perceive, rapid in execution. In striking contrast with the fair complexion, yielding, lachrymose, but slow and indecisive, Pulsatilla.

Ignatia The remedy of great contradictions: the roaring in ears > by music; the piles > when walking; sore throat feels > when swallowing; empty feeling in stomach not > by eating; cough < the more he coughs; cough on standing still during a walk ([Ast. fl.]); spasmodic laughter from grief; sexual desire with impotency; thirst during a chill, no thirst during the fever; the color changes in the face when at rest.

Mental conditions rapidly, in an almost incredibly short time, change from joy to sorrow, from laughing to weeping ( Coffea, Croc., Nux moschata ); moody.

Persons mentally and physically exhausted by long-concentrated grief.

Involuntary sighing ( Lachesis ); with a weak, empty feeling at pit of stomach; not > by eating ( Hydrastis, Sepia ).

Bad effects of anger, grief, or disappointed love ( Calcarea phosphorica, Hyoscyamus ); broods in solitude over imaginary trouble.

Desire to be alone.

Finely sensitive mood, delicate consciousness.

Inconstant, impatient, irresolute, quarrelsome.

Amiable in disposition if feeling well, but easily disturbed by very slight emotion; easily offended.

The slightest fault finding or contradiction excites anger, and this makes him angry with himself.

Children, when reprimanded, scolded, or sent to bed, get sick or have convulsions in sleep.

Ill effects, from bad news; from vexation with reserved displeasure; from suppressed mental sufferings; of shame and mortification ( Staphysagria ).

Headache, as if a nail was driven out through the side, relieved by lying on it. ( Coffea, Nux, Thuja ).

Ignatia Cannot bear tobacco; smoking, or being in tobacco smoke, produces or aggravates headache.

In talking or chewing, bites inside of cheek.

Sweat on the face on a small spot only while eating.

Ignatia Oversensitiveness to pain ( Coffea, Chamomilla ).

Constipation; from carriage riding; of a paralytic origin; with excessive urging, felt more in upper abdomen ( Verbascum ); with great pain, dreads to go to the closet; in women who are habitual coffee drinkers.

Prolapsus ani from moderate straining at stool, stooping or lifting ( Acid nitricum, Podophyllum, Ruta ); < when the stool is loose.

Haemorrhoids: prolapse with every stool, have to be replaced; sharp stitches shoot up the rectum ( Nit. a. ); < for hours after stool ( Rat., Sulphur ).

Twitchings, jerkings, even spasms of single limbs or whole body, when falling asleep.

Pain in small, circumscribed spots.

Fever: red face during chill ( Ferrum ); chill, with thirst during chill only; > by external heat; heat without thirst, < by covering ( > by covering, Nux ).

Complaints return at precisely the same hour.

Ignatia bears the same relation to the diseases of women that Nux does to sanguine, bilious men.

There are many more Ignatia persons in North America than Nux vomica persons – Hering.

Ignatia Relations. – Incompatible: Coffea, Nux, Tabacum

The bad effects of Ignatia are antidoted by Pulsatilla

Aggravation. – From tobacco, coffee, brandy contact, motion, strong odors, mental emotions, grief.

Amelioration. – Warmth, hard pressure ( Cinchona ); swallowing; walking.