by H. C. Allen

Iodine. (The Element)

Iodum Persons of scrofulous diathesis, with dark or black hair and eyes; a low cachectic condition, with profound debility and great emaciation ( Abrotanum ).

Great weakness and loss of breath on going upstairs ( Calcarea ); during menses ( Alum, Carbo animalis, Cocculus indicus ).

Ravenous hunger; eats freely and well, yet loses flesh all the time ( Abrotanum, Natrum mur., Sanicula, Tuberculinum ).

Empty eructations from morning to nigh, as if every particle of food was turned into air ( Kali carb. ).

Iodum Suffers from hunger, must eat every few hours; anxious and worried if he does not eat ( Cina, Sulphur ); feels > while eating or after eating, when stomach is full.

Itching: low down in the lungs, behind the sternum, causing cough; extends through bronchi to nasal cavity ( Cocculus indicus c., Conium, Phosphorus ).

Hypertrophy and induration of glandular tissue – thyroid, mammae, ovaries, testes, uterus, prostate or other glands – breasts may dwindle and become flabby.

Hard goitre, in dark haired persons (light haired, Bromium ); feels > after eating.

Palpitation, worse from least exertion (compare, Digitalis – from least mental exertion, Calcarea ars. ).

Sensation as if the heart was squeezed together; as if grasped with an iron hand ( Cactus grandiflorus, Sulphur ).

Leucorrhoea: acrid, corrosive, staining and corroding the linen; most abundant at time of menses.

Cancerous degeneration of the cervix; cutting pains in abdomen and haemorrhage at every stool.

Constipation, with ineffectual urging > by drinking cold milk.

Iodum Croup: membranous, hoarse, dry cough, worse in warm, wet weather; with wheezing and sawing respiration ( Spongia ).

Iodum Child grasps at larynx ( Cepa ); face pale and cold, especially in fleshy children.

Relations. – Complementary: to, Lycopodium.

Compare: Acid aceticum, Bromium, Conium, Kali bichromicum, Spongia in membranous croup and croupy affections; especially in overgrown boys with scrofulous diathesis.

Follows well: after, Hepar, Mercurius; is followed by Kali bichromicum in croup. Acts best in goitre when given after full moon, or when moon is waning – Lippe.

Should not be given during lying-in period, except in high potencies- Hering.

Aggravation. – Warmth; wrapping up the head (reverse of, Hepar, Psorinum ).