by H. C. Allen

Ipecac. (Rubiaceae.)

Ipecacuanha Adapted to cases where the gastric symptoms predominate ( Antim crud., Pulsatilla ); tongue clean or slightly coated.

In all diseases with constant and continual nausea.

Nausea: with profuse saliva; vomiting of white, glairy mucus in large quantities, without relief; sleepy afterwards; worse from stooping; the primary effects of tobacco; of pregnancy.

Stomach: feels relaxed, as if hanging down ( Ignatia, Staphysagria ); clutching, squeezing, griping, as from a hand, each finger sharply pressing into intestines; worse from motion.

Flatulent, cutting colic about umbilicus.

Stool: grassy-green; of white mucus ( Colchicum ); bloody; fermented, foamy, slimy, like frothy molasses.

Autumnal dysentery; cold nights, after hot days ( Colchicum, Mercurius ).

Asiatic cholera, first symptoms, where nausea and vomiting predominate ( Colchicum ).

Haemorrhage: active or passive, bright-red from all the orifices of the body ([Erig.], Millefolium ); uterine, profuse, clotted; heavy, oppressed breathing during; stitches from navel to uterus.

Cutting pains across abdomen from left to right ( Lachesis, – from right to left, Lycopodium ).

Cough: dry spasmodic, constricted, asthmatic.

Difficult breathing from least exercise; violent dyspnoea, with wheezing and anxiety about the stomach.

Whooping-cough: child loses breath, turns pale, stiff and blue; strangling, with gagging and vomiting of mucus; bleeding from nose or mouth ([Ind.]).

Cough, with rattling of mucus in bronchi when inspiring ( Ant. t. ); threatened suffocation from mucus.

Pains as if bones were all torn to pieces (as if broken, [Eup.]).

Intermittent fever: in beginning of irregular cases; with nausea, or from gastric disturbance; after abuse of, or suppression from quinine.

Intermittent dyspepsia, every other day at same hour; fever, with persistent nausea.

Oversensitive to heat and cold.

Ipecacuanha Relations. – Complementary: Cuprum.

Is followed well: by, [Arsenicum in] influenza, chills, croup, debility, cholera infantum; by Antim tart., in foreign bodies in larynx.

Similar: to, Pulsatilla, Antim crud., in gastric troubles.

Aggravation. – Winter and dry weather; warm, moist, south winds ( Euphrasia ); slightest motion.