Kali Bromatum

by H. C. Allen

Potassium Bromide. (KBr)

Kali Bromatum Adapted to large persons inclined to obesity; acts better in children than in adults.

Loss of sensibility, fauces, larynx, urethra, entire body; staggering, uncertain gait; feels as if legs were all over sidewalk.

Nervous, restless; cannot sit still, must move about or keep occupied; hands and fingers in constant motion; fidgety hands (fidgety feet, Zincum met. ); twitching of fingers.

Fits of uncontrollable weeping and profound melancholic delusions.

Loss of memory; forgets how to talk; absent-minded; has to be told the word before he could speak it ( Anacardium ).

Depressed, low-spirited, anxious, “feel as if they would lose their minds.”

Inco-ordination of muscles ( Gelsemium ); nervous weakness or paralysis of motion and numbness.

Restlessness and sleeplessness due to worry and grief, loss of property or reputation, from business embarrassments ( Hyoscyamus ).

Night terrors of children ( Kali phos. ); grinding teeth in sleep, screams, moans, cries; horrible dreams, cannot be comforted by friends. Somnambulism ( Silicea ).

Kali Bromatum Spasms: from fright, anger or emotional causes in nervous plethoric persons; during parturition, teething, whooping-cough, Bright’s disease.

Kali Bromatum Epilepsy: congenital, syphilitic, tubercular; usually a day or two before menses; at new moon; headache follows attack.

Cholera infantum, with reflex irritation of brain, before effusion; first stage of hydrocephaloid.

Daily colic in infants about 5 a. m. (at 4 p. m. Colocynthis, Lycopodium ).

Nervous cough during pregnancy; dry, hard, almost incessant, threatening abortion ( Conium ).

Stammering; slow, difficult speech ( Bovista, Stramonium ).

Acne: simplex, indurata, rosacea; bluish-red, pustular, on face, chest, shoulders; leaves unsightly scars ( Carbo animalis ); in young fleshy persons of gross habits.

Kali Bromatum Relations. – One of the antidotes for lead poisoning.

Often curative after [Eugenia jambos] in acne.