by H. C. Allen

Surukuku Snake Poison. (Ophidia.)

Lachesis suited Persons of a melancholy temperament, dark eyes, and a disposition to low spirits and indolence.

Women of choleric temperament, with freckles and red hair ( Phosphorus ).

Better adapted to thin and emaciated than to fleshy persons; to those who have been changed, both mentally and physically, by their illness.

Climacteric ailments: haemorrhoids haemorrhages; hot flushes and hot perspiration; burning vertex headache, especially at or after the menopause ( Sanguinaria, Sulphur ).

Ailments from long lasting grief; sorrow, fright, vexation, jealousy or disappointed love ( Aurum, Ignatia, Phosphorus ac. ).

Women who have not recovered from the change of life, “have never felt well since that time.”

In Lachesis Left side principally affected; diseases begin on the left and go the right side – left ovary, testicle, chest.

Great sensitiveness to touch; throat, stomach, abdomen; cannot bear bed-clothes or night-dress to touch throat or abdomen, no because sore or tender, as in Apis or Belladonna, but clothes cause an uneasiness, make her nervous.

Intolerance of tight bands about neck or waist.

Extremes of heat and cold cause great debility.

Drunkards with congestive headaches and haemorrhoids; prone to erysipelas or apoplexy.

Headache: pressing or bursting pain in temples < from motion, pressure, stooping, lying, after sleep; dreads to go to sleep because she awakens with such a headache.

Rush of blood to head; after alcohol; mental emotions; suppressed or irregular menses; at climaxis; left-sided apoplexy.

Weight and pressure on vertex ( Sepia ); like lead, in occiput.

All symptoms, especially the mental, worse after sleep, or the aggravation wakes him from sleep; sleeps into the aggravation; unhappy, distressed, anxious, sad < in morning on waking.

Mental excitability; ecstasy, with almost prophetic perceptions; with a vivid imagination; great loquacity; ( Agaricus, Stramonium ); want to talk all the time; jumps from one idea to another; one word often leads into another story.

Lachesis Constipation: inactivity, stools lies in rectum, without urging; sensation of constriction of sphincter ( Causticum, Acid nitricum ).

Menses at regular time; too short, scanty, feeble; pains all relieved by the flow; always better during menses ( Zincum met. ).

Piles: with scanty menses; at climaxis; strangulated; with stitches shooting upward ( Acid nitricum ).

The least thing coming near mouth or nose interferes with breathing; wants to be fanned, but slowly and at a distance (rapidly, Carbo vegetabilis ).

As soon as he falls asleep the breathing stops ( Ammonium carb., [Grindelia], Lac caninum, Opium ).

Great physical and mental exhaustion; trembling in whole body, would constantly sink down from weakness; worse in the morning ( Sulph., Tuberculinum ).

Epilepsy; comes during sleep ([Bufo]); from loss of vital fluids; onanism, jealousy.

Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed easily and profusely ( Crot., Kreosotum, Phosphorus ); blood dark, non-coagulable ( Crot., Secale ).

Boils, carbuncles, ulcers and intense pain ( Tar. ); malignant pustules; decubitus; dark, bluish, purple appearance; tend to malignancy.

Bad effects of poison wounds; post-mortem ( Pyrogen ).

Sensation as of a ball rolling in the bladder.

Fever annually returning; paroxysm every spring ( Carbo vegetabilis, Sulphur ), after suppression by quinine the previous autumn.

Lachesis Fever: typhoid, typhus; stupor or muttering delirium, sunken countenance, falling of lower jaw; tongue dry, black, trembles, is protruded with difficulty or catches on the teeth when protruding; conjunctiva yellow or orange color; perspiration cold, stains yellow, bloody ( Lycopodium ).

Diphtheria and tonsillitis, beginning on the left and extending to right side ( Lac caninum, Sabad. ); dark purple appearance ( Naja ); < by hot drinks, after sleep; liquids more painful than solids when swallowing ( Belladonna, Bryonia, Ignatia ); prostration out of all proportion to appearance of throat.

Lachesis Relations. – Complementary: Hepar, Lycopodium, Acid nitricum

Incompatible: Acid aceticum, Carbolicum acidum [ Psorinum ].

In intermittent fever Natrum mur. follows Lachesis well when type changes.

Aggravation. – After sleep; contact; extremes of temperature; acids; alcohol; cinchona; mercury; pressure or constriction; sun’s rays; spring. summer.