Magnesia Muriatica

by H. C. Allen

Chloride of Magnesia (MgCl)

Magnesia Muriatica Especially adapted to diseases of women; spasmodic and hysterical complaints, complicated with uterine diseases; who have suffered for years from attacks of indigestion or biliousness.

Children: during difficult dentition are unable to digest milk; it causes pain in stomach and passes undigested; puny, rachitic, who crave sweets.

Great sensitiveness to noise ( Ignatia, Nux, Theridion ).

Magnesia Muriatica Headache: every six weeks, in forehead and around the eyes; as if it would burst; < from motion and in open air; > from lying down, strong pressure ( Pulsatilla ), and wrapping up warmly ( Silicea, Stron. ).

Great tendency of head to sweat ( Calcarea, Sanicula, Silicea ).

Continual raising of white froth in mouth.

Eructations, tasting like rotten eggs, like onions (breath smells of onions, [Sinap.]).

Toothache; unbearable when food touches the teeth.

Pressing pain in liver, when walking and touching it, liver hard, enlarged, < lying on right side ( Mercurius, Kali carb. ).

Magnesia Muriatica Constipation: stool hard, scanty, large, knotty, like sheep’s dung; difficult to pass; crumbling at verge of anus ( Ammonium muriaticum, Natrum mur. ); of infants during dentition.

Urine; pale, yellow, can only be passed by bearing down with abdominal muscles; weakness of bladder;

Menses: with great excitement at every speed; flow black, clotted; spasms and pains < in back when walking, extend into thighs; metrorrhagia, < at night in bed, causing hysteria ( Actea, Caulophyllum ).

Magnesia Muriatica Leucorrhoea: after exercise; with every stool; with uterine spasm; followed by metrorrhagia; two weeks after menses for three or four days ( Baryta, Bovista, Conium ).

Palpitation and cardiac pains while sitting. < by moving about (compare, Gelsemium ).

Relations. – Compare: Chamomilla in the diseases of children.