Melilotus Alba

by H. C. Allen

Sweet Clover (Leguminosae.)

Melilotus Alba has Congestions, relieved by haemorrhage.

Engorgement of blood-vessels in any part of organ.

Violent congestive or nervous headaches; epistaxis affords relief ([Bufo], Ferrum p., [Magn. s.]).

Melilotus Alba Convulsions: of nervous children during dentition ( Belladonna ); infantile spasms, eclampsia, epilepsy.

Religious melancholy with an intensely red face; insanity, in early stages, to relieve brain from pressure and irritation.

Nosebleed preceded by intense redness, flushing of face and throbbing of carotids ( Belladonna ); with general relief.

Very red face precedes haemorrhage from every organ.

Constipation: difficult, painful, constriction in anus; throbbing, fulness; no desire until there is a large accumulation ( Alumina ).

Melilotus Alba Relations. – Compare: Amyl., Antim crud., in epistaxis after headache, but does not relieve; Belladonna, Gloninum, Sanguinaria in congestive headache, red face, hot head, etc.

Aggravation. – Approach of a storm; rainy, changeable weather.