Mercurius Dulcis

by H. C. Allen

Calomel. (Hg2Cl2.)


Mercurius Dulcis suited for Catarrhal affections of mucous membranes, especially of the eye and ear. Mercurius Dulcis Catarrhal inflammation of middle ear ([Kali muriaticum]).

Eustachian tube closed; catarrhal deafness and otorrhoea in psoric children; deafness of old age ([Kali muriaticum]).

Mercurius Dulcis has Acute affections of prostrate after maltreated stricture.

Mercurius Dulcis Deafness and catarrhal affections of nares, throat, and pharynx, from mercurial amalgam fillings.

Mercurius Dulcis Diarrhoea: of children; stools grass-green; like chopped eggs; profuse, causing soreness of anus.