Murex Purpurea

by H. C. Allen

A Mollusk

Murex Purpurea Persons of a melancholy temperament.

Murex Purpurea suited For the sufferings during climacteric ( Lachesis, Sepia, Sulphur ). Great depression of spirits.

Sinking, all gone sensation, in stomach ( Sepia ).

Least contact of parts, causes violent sexual excitement (excessive sexual irritation driving to self abuse, [Orig.], Zincum met. ).

Violent excitement in sexual organs, and excessive desire for an embrace (rev. of Sepia ).

Sore pain in uterus; a distinct sensation of womb ( Helonias, Lyssinum ).

Bearing down sensation, as if internal organs would be pushed out, must sit down and cross limbs to > pressure (but no sexual desire, Sepia ).

Murex Purpurea Menses: irregular, early, profuse, protracted, large clots.

Leucorrhoea: < mental depression, happier when leucorrhoea is worse.

Relations. Compare: Lilium, Platina, in nymphomania; Sepia in bearing down sensation, but has no sexual erethism.