Natrum Sulphuricum

by H. C. Allen

Sulphate of Sodium-Glauber’s Salt

Natrum Sulphuricum Ailments which are < by, or which depend upon, dampness of weather, damp houses or cellars ([Aranea]). Patient feets every change from dry to wet; cannot tolerate sea air, nor eat plants that thrive near water; a constitution in which gonorrhoeal poison is most pernicious; recovers slowly from every sickness. Every spring, skin affections reappear ( Psorinum ).Natrum Sulphuricum has Inability to think ( Natrum carb. ). Sad, gloomy, irritable; worse in mornings; dislikes to speak or be spoken to ( Iodium, Silicea ). Depressed; lively music makes her sad; satiety of like; must use great self-control to prevent shooting himself. Mental traumatism; mental effects from injuries to head; chronic brain effects of blows, falls. Granular lids: like small blisters ( Thuja ); green pus and terrible photophobia; gonorrhoeal or sycotic. Nosebleed during menses (instead of menses, Bryonia, Pulsatilla ). Toothache > by cold water,

cool air ( Coffea, Pulsatilla ).

Dirty, greenish-gray or brown coating on tongue.

Natrum Sulphuricum Diarrhoea: sudden, urging, gushing, much flatus; on first rising and standing on the feet; after a spell of wet weather; living on working in basements.

Gonorrhoea: greenish-yellow, painless, thick discharge ( Pulsatilla ); chronic or suppressed (thick, green, Kali iod. ).

Dyspnoea; desire to take a deep breath during damp, cloudy weather.

Natrum Sulphuricum has Humid asthma in children; with every change to wet weather; with every fresh cold; always worse in damp, rainy weather; sputa green, greenish, copious (greenish grey, Copaiva ).

Sycotic pneumonia; lower lobe of left lung; great soreness of chest, during cough, has to sit up in bed and hold the chest with both hands ([Nic.] – right lung, Bryonia ).

Spinal meningitis: violent crushing gnawing pains at base of brain; head drawn back; spasms with mental irritability and delirium; violent congestion of blood to head; delirium; opisthotonos.

Natrum Sulphuricum Relations. – Compare: Natrum mur. and Sulph., which are very similar; Thuja and Mercurius, in syphilis and sycosis occurring in hydrogenoid constitutions.

Aggravation. – Damp basements or dwellings; damp weather ([Aranea], [Arsenicum i.], Dulcamara ); rest; lying.

Amelioration. – Dry weather; pressure, sitting up (cough); changing position (but > in wet weather, Causticum ); open air.

Must change position frequently, but it is painful and gives little relief ( Causticum ).