by H. C. Allen

Calabar Bean. (Leguminosae)

Physostigma used for Uncommon mental activity; cannot stop thinking.Vision dim; from blur or film; objects mixed.

Physostigma Pain after using eyes; floating black spots, flashes of light, twitching of lids and muscles of eyes ( Agaricus ); nystagmus.

Physostigma has Great prostration of muscular system; impaired locomotion ( Gelsemium ).

Tremors or trembling of young persons from mental or physical disturbances.

Idiopathic or traumatic tetanus; brought on or < by slightest breath of air from a person passing ( Hypericum, Lyssinum, Nux, [Strych.]).

Physostigma Relations. – Compare: Belladonna, Conium, [Cur.], Gelsemium, Hypericum, [Strych.]