by H. C. Allen

Black Cohosh (Ranunculaceae.)

Plumbum Adapted to diseases from spinal origin ( Phosphorus, Pic. ac., Zincum met. ).

Excessive and rapid emaciation; general or partial paralysis; extreme, with anaemia and great weakness.

Muscular atrophy from sclerosis of spinal system.

Lassitude; faints on going into a room full of company.

Plumbum are Slow of perception; intellectual torpor, gradually increasing apathy (in fevers, Phosphorus ac. ).

Weakness or loss of memory; unable to find the proper word ( Anacardium, Lac caninum ).

Delirium alternating with colic.

Assumes strangest attitudes and positions in bed.

Complexion: pale, ash-colored, yellow, corpse-like cheeks sunken; expressive of great anxiety and suffering.

Skin of face, greasy, shiny ( Natrum mur., Sanicula ). Distinct blue line along margin of gums; gums swollen, pale, show a lead-colored line.

Excessive pain in abdomen, radiating to all parts of body.

Sensation in abdomen at night, which causes patient to stretch violently for hours; must stretch in every direction ( Amyl. n. ).

Violent colic, sensation as if abdominal wall was drawn as if by a string to the spine.

Intussusception, with colic and faecal vomiting; strangulated hernia, femoral, inguinal or umbilical.

Plumbum Constipation: stools hard, lumpy, black like sheep-dung ( Chelidonium, Opium ); with urging and terrible pain from spasm of anus; obstructed evacuation from indurated faeces, dryness of the excretions, paralysis or muscular atony; during pregnancy; from impaction of faeces; when Platina fails.

Bright’s disease: colic pain; abdomen retracted; rapid emaciation; excessive debility; contracted kidney.

Feels a lack of room for foetus in uterus; inability of uterus to expand; threatening abortion.

Spasm: clonic; tonic; from cerebral sclerosis or tumor; epilepsy or epileptiform convulsions.

Yellow skin: dark brown “liver spots” in climacteric years; jaundice, the eyes, skin and urine yellow.

Plumbum Relations. – Compare: Alumina, Platina, Opium, in colic; Podophyllum in retraction of navel; Nux in strangulated hernia; Podophyllum the vegetable analogue.

The bad effects of Plumbum are antidoted by Alumina, Petroleum, Platina, Acid Sulphuricum, Zincum met.

Aggravation. – At night (pains in limbs).

Amelioration. – Rubbing; hard pressure.