by H. C. Allen

May Apple. (Berberidaceae)

Podophyllum Adapted to persons of bilious temperament who suffer from gastro-intestinal derangement, especially after abuse of mercury; “bilious attacks.”

Thirst for large quantities of cold water ( Bryonia ).

Podophyllum Pains: sudden shocks of jerking pains.

Depression of spirits, imagines he is going to die or be very ill ( Arsenicum ); disgust for life.

Headache alternates with diarrhoea ( Aloe ); headache in winter, diarrhoea in summer.

Painless cholera morbus; cholera infantum ( Phytolacca ).

Violent cramps in feet, calves, thighs, watery, painless stools.

Podophyllum Difficult dentition: moaning, grinding the teeth at night; intense desire to press the gums together ( Phytolacca ); head hot and rolling from side to side ( Belladonna, Helleborus ).

Diarrhoea: of long standing; early in morning, continues through forenoon, followed by natural stool in evening ( Aloe ), and accompanied by sensation of weakness or sinking in abdomen or rectum.

Diarrhoea of children: during teething; after eating; while being bathed or washed; of dirty water soaking napkin through ( Benz. ac. ); with gagging.

Stool: green, watery, fetid, profuse ( Calcarea ); gushing out ([Gambogia], Jat., Phosphorus ); chalk-like, jelly-like ( Aloe ); undigested ( Cinchona, Ferrum ); yellow meal-like sediment; prolapse of rectum before or with stool.

Prolapsus uteri: from overlifting or straining; from constipation; after parturition; with subinvolution.

In early months of pregnancy, can lie comfortably only on stomach ( Acid aceticum ).

Podophyllum Patient is constantly rubbing and shaking the region of liver with his hand.

Fever paroxysm at 7 a. m. with great loquacity during chill and heat; sleep during perspiration.

Affects right throat, right ovary, right hypochondrium ( Lycopodium ).

Pain and numbness in right ovary, running down thigh of that side ( Lilium ).

Suppressed menses in young girls ( Pulsatilla, Tuberculinum ).

Podophyllum Relations. – Compare: Aloe, Chelidonium, Collinsonia, Lilium, Mercurius, Nux, Sulphur

It antidotes the bad effects of mercury.

After: Ipecac., Nux, in gastric affections; after Calcarea and Sulph. in liver diseases.

Aggravation. – In early morning ( Aloe, Nux, Sulphur ); in hot weather; during dentition.