by H. C. Allen

Snowrose. (Ericaceae)

Rhododendron suited for Nervous persons who dread a storm and are particularly afraid of thunder; < before a storm, especially an electrical storm ( Natrum carb., Phosphorus, Psorinum, Silicea ).

Rhododendron Toothache, every spring and fall during sharp east winds; worse from change of weather, thunderstorm, windy weather.

Acute inflammatory swelling of joints, wandering from one joint to another; severe at night; < in rest and during rough stormy weather ( Kalm. ).

Rheumatic drawing, tearing pains in all the limbs, worse at rest and in wet, cold windy weather ( Rhus ).

Cannot get sleep or remain asleep unless legs are crossed.

Gout with fibrous deposit in great toe-joint, rheumatic, often mistaken for bunion ( Colchicum, Ledum ).

Rhododendron Induration and swelling of the testicle after gonorrhoea or rheumatic exposure ( Clem. ); orchitis, sensation in gland as if it were being crushed ( Aurum, Chamomilla ).

Rhododendron Relations. – Compare: Bryonia, Conium, Calcarea, Ledum, Lycopodium, Sepia, Rhus.

Aggravation. – Stormy, windy weather, electrical changes in the atmosphere; on approach of thunderstorm; symptoms reappear with rough weather.

Amelioration. – Better from wrapping the head warmly; dry heat and exercise.