Rumex Crispus

by H. C. Allen

Yellow Dock. (Polygonaceae.)

Rumex Crispus suits For the tubercular diathesis, extremely sensitive skin and mucous membranes.

Extremely sensitive to open air; hoarseness; worse evenings; after exposure to cold; voice uncertain.

Tickling in throat pit, causing, dry, teasing cough.

Dry, incessant, fatiguing cough; worse from changing air or room ( Phosphorus, Spongia ); evening after lying down; touching or pressing the throat pit; lying on left side ( Phosphorus ); from slightest inhalation of cold air; covers head with bedclothes to make air warmer; little or no expectoration.

The cough is < in cool air or by anything which increases the volume or rapidity of inspired air.

Sensation of lump in throat; descends on swallowing, but returns immediately.

Raw sensation in larynx and trachea when coughing ( Causticum ).

Rumex Crispus Urine; involuntary with cough ( Causticum, Pulsatilla, Silicea ).

Early morning diarrhoea; from 5 to 10 a. m. ( Aloe, Natrum sulph., Podophyllum, Sulphur ); stools painless, profuse, offensive; sudden urging, driving out of bed in morning.

Rumex Crispus Skin: itching of various parts; < by cold, > by warmth; when undressing, uncovering or exposing to cold air ( Hepar, Natrum sulph., Oleander ).

Rumex Crispus Relations. – Compare: Belladonna, Causticum, Drosera, Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus, Sanguinaria, Sulphur

Aggravation. – Cool or cold air; lying down ( Hyoscyamus ).

Amelioration. – Warmth; keeping mouth covered to exclude cold air.