by H. C. Allen

Wild Liquorice. (Smilaceae)

Sarsaparilla suited For dark-haired persons, lithic or sycotic diathesis.

Great emaciation: skin becomes shriveled or lies in folds ( Abrotanum, Iodium, Natrum mur., Sanicula ).

Headache and periosteal pains generally from mercury, syphilis or suppressed gonorrhoea.

In children; face like old people; enlarged abdomen; dry, flabby skin ( Barayta carbonica, Opium ).

Sarsaparilla suited For Herpetic eruptions on all parts of body; ulcers, after abuse of mercury, in syphilis.

Rash from exposure to open air; dry, itch-like eruptions, prone to appear in spring; become crusty.

Severe, almost unbearable pain at conclusion of urination ( Berberis, Equis., Medorrhinum, Thuja ).

Passage of gravel or small calculi; renal colic; stone in bladder; bloody urine.

Urine: bright and clear but irritating; scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy, copious, passed without sensation ( Causticum ); deposits white sand.

Sarsaparilla suited For Painful distention and tenderness in bladder; urine dribbles while sitting, standing, passes freely; air passes from urethra.

Sand in urine or on diaper; child screams before and while passing it ( Borax, Lycopodium ).

Gonorrhoea checked by cold, wet weather, or mercury, followed by rheumatism.

Neuralgia or renal colic; excruciating pains from right kidney downwards ( Lycopodium ).

Intolerable stench on genital organs; fluid pollutions; bloody seminal emission ( Ledum, Mercurius ).

Retraction of nipples; nipples are small, withered, unexcitable ( Silicea ).

Sarsaparilla suited For Rheumatism, bone pains after mercury or checked gonorrhoea; pains < at night, in damp weather or after taking cold in water.

Sarsaparilla suited For Itching eruption on forehead during menses ([Eug. j.], Sanguinaria, Psorinum ).

Rhagades: skin cracked on hands and feet; pain and burning particularly on sides of fingers and toes; skin hard, indurated.

Relations. – Complementary: Mercurius, Sepia, either of which follows well.

Compare: Berberis, Lycopodium, Natrum mur., Phosphorus

Frequently called for after abuse of Mercury.