by H. C. Allen

Pinkroot. (Loganiaceae.)

Spigelia Adapted to anaemic debilitated subjects of rheumatic diathesis; to scrofulous children afflicted with ascarides and lumbrici ( Cina, Stannum ).

Persons with light hair; pale, thin, bloated, weak; wrinkled, yellow, earthy skin.

Body painfully sensitive to touch; part touched feels chilly; touch sends shudder through the whole frame ( Kali carb. ).

Afraid of sharp, pointed things, pins, needles, etc.

Rheumatic affections of heart (Kali, Ledum, Naja ); systolic blowing at apex. Aneurism.

Spigelia has Nervous headache; periodical, beginning in morning at base of brain, spreading over the head and locating in eye, orbit and temple of left side (right side, Sanguinaria, Silicea ); pain, pulsating, violent, throbbing.

Headache; at sunrise, at its height at noon, declines till sunset. ( Natrum mur., Tabacum ).

Spigelia has Intolerable, pressive pain in eyeballs; could not turn the eyes without turning the whole body; worse, especially on making a false step.

Sensation: as if eyes were too large for the orbits ( Actea, Com.); sensitive to touch; as if a band around head ( Cactus grandiflorus, Carbolicum acidum, Sulphur ).

Copious offensive mucus from posterior nares, drops into throat, causing choking at night ( Hydrastis ).

Sharp, stabbing, sticking pains through eyeballs back into the head; from cold, damp, rainy weather.

Prosopalgia: periodical, left-sided, orbit, eyes, malar bone, teeth; from morning until sunset; pain tearing, burning, cheek dark red; during cold, rainy weather; from tea.

Toothache from tobacco smoking; > only on lying down and while eating (Plan.); worse from cold air and water; returns from thinking about it.

Scirrhus of sigmoid or rectum, atrocious unbearable pain ([Alumen]).

Dyspnoea: must lie on right side or with head high ( Cactus grandiflorus, Spongia ); pains in chest are stitching, needle-like.

Spigelia has Chest affections with stitching pains synchronous with pulse, < from motion, < cold, wet weather.

Palpitation: violent, visible and audible; from least motion; when bending forward; systolic blowing at apex.

Spigelia has Stammering, repeats first syllable three or four times; with abdominal ailments; with helminthiasis.

Relations. – Compare: Aconite, Arsenicum, Cact., Digitalis Kali carb., Naja, Kal., Spongia in heart affections.

Aggravation. – From motion, noise, touch, turning the eyes; from every shaking, commotion, or concussion.

Amelioration. – Lying on right side with the head high ( Arsenicum, Cactus grandiflorus, Spongia ).