by H. C. Allen

Tin. (The Element.)

Stannum (Tin) suited Extreme exhaustion of mind and body.

Sinking, empty, all-gone sensation in stomach ( Chelidonium, Phosphorus, Sepia )

Sad, despondent, feels like crying all the time, but crying makes her worse ( Natrum mur., Pulsatilla, Sepia ); faint and weak, especially when going down stairs; can go up well enough ( Borax, – rev. of Calcarea ).

Headache or neuralgia; pains begin lightly and increase gradually to the highest point and then gradually decline ( Platina ).

Colic: > by hard pressure, or by laying abdomen across knee or on shoulder ( Colocynthis ); lumbrici; passes worms.

Menses; too early, too profuse; sadness before; pain in malar bones, during.

Stannum (Tin) Leucorrhoea; great debility; weakness seems to proceed from chest (from abdomen, pelvis, Phosphorus, Sepia ).

Prolapsus, worse during stool (with diarrhoea, Podophyllum ); so weak she drops into a chair instead of sitting down.

While dressing in the morning has to sit down several times to rest.

Nausea and vomiting; in the morning; from the odor of cooking food ( Arsenicum, Colchicum ).

When singing or using the voice, aching and weakness in deltoid and arms.

Great weakness in chest; < from talking, laughing, reading aloud, singing; so weak, unable to talk.

Stannum (Tin) Cough: deep, hollow, shattering, strangling; concussive, in paroxysms of three coughs (of two, Mercurius ); dry, while in bed, in evening; empty sensation in chest.

Expectoration: profuse like the white of an egg; sweetish, salty ( Kali i., Sepia ); sour, putrid, musty; yellow, green pus (heavy, green, salty, Kali i. ); during the day.

Hoarseness; deep, husky hollow voice; relieved for the time by coughing or expectorating mucus.

Stannum (Tin) Sweat: mouldy, musty odor; after 4 a. m. every morning; on neck and forehead; very debilitating.

Relations. – Complementary: Pulsatilla.

Stannum follows well; after, Causticum, and is followed by Calcarea, Phosphorus, Silicea, Sulphur, Tuberculinum

Aggravation. – Laughing and singing, talking, using the voice; lying on right side; drinking anything warm (from cold drinks, Spongia ).

Amelioration. – Coughing or expectorating relieves hoarseness; hard pressure ( Colocynthis ).