by H. C. Allen

Thron Apple (Solanaceae.)

Stramonium Adapted to: ailments of young plethoric persons ( Aconite, Belladonna ); especially children in chorea; mania and fever delirium.

Delirium: loquacious, talks all the time, sings, makes verses, raves; simulates Belladonna and Hyoscyamus, yet differs in degree.

The delirium is more furious, the mania more acute, while the congestion, though greater that Hyoscyamus, is much less that Belladonna, never approaching a true inflammation.

Stramonium Disposed to talk continually ( Cicuta, Lachesis ); incessant and incoherent talking and laughing; praying, beseeching, entreating; with suppressed menses.

Desires light and company; cannot bear to be alone ( Bismuth ); worse in the dark and solitude; cannot walk in a dark room.

Awakens with a shrinking look, as if afraid of the first object seen.

Hallucinations which terrify the patient.

Desire to escape, in delirium ( Belladonna, Bryonia, Opium, Rhus ).

Imagines all sorts of things; that she is double, lying crosswise, etc. ( Petroleum ).

Head feels as is scattered about ( Baptisia ).

Eyes wide open, prominent, brilliant; pupils widely dilated, insensible; contortion of eyes and eyelids.

Pupils dilate when child is reprimanded.

Face hot and red with cold hands and feet; circumscribed redness of cheeks, blood rushes to face; risus sardonicus.

Stammering; has to exert himself a long time before he can utter a word; makes great effort to speak; distorts the face ( Bovista, Ignatia, Spigelia ).

Vomiting: as soon as he raises head from pillow; from a bright light.

Stramonium Convulsions: from consciousness ( Nux – without, Belladonna, Cicuta, Hyoscyamus, Opium ); renewed by sight of bright light, of mirror or water ( Belladonna, Lyssinum ).

Twitching of single muscle or groups of muscles, especially upper part of body; chorea.

Stramonium Hydrophobia: fear of water, with excessive aversion to liquids ( Belladonna, Lyssinum ); spasmodic constriction of throat.

No pain with most complaints; painlessness is characteristic ( Opium ).

Sleepy, but cannot sleep ( Belladonna, Chamomilla, Opium ).

Stramonium Relations. – Stramonium often follows: Belladonna, Cuprum, Hyoscyamus, Lyssinum

In metrorrhagia from retained placenta with characteristic delirium, Secale often acts promptly when Stramonium has failed (with fever and septic tendency, Pyrogen ).

After overaction, from repeated doses of Belladonna, in whooping cough.

Aggravation. – In the dark; when alone; looking at bright or shining objects; after sleep ( Apis, Lachesis, Opium, Spongia ); when attempting to swallow.

Amelioration. – From bright light; from company; warmth.