by H. C. Allen

Comfrey (Borraginaceae)

Symphytum Facilitates union of fractured bone ( Calcarea phosphorica ); lessens peculiar pricking pain; favors production of callous; when trouble is of nervous origin.

Irritability at point of fracture; periosteal pain after wounds have healed.

Mechanical injuries; blows, bruises, thrusts on the globe of the eye.

Symphytum has Pain in eye after a blow of an obtuse body; snow ball strikes the eye; infant thrusts its fist into its mother’s eye (to soft tissues around the eye, Arnica ).

Relations. – Compare: Arnica, Calendula, Calcarea phosphorica, Acidum fluoricum, Hepar, Silicea

Follows well: after Arnica for pricking pain, and soreness of periosteum remaining after an injury.