Veratrum Viride.

by H. C. Allen

Green Hellebore. (Melanthaceae.)

Veratrum Viride suited For full-blooded, plethoric persons.

Congestion, especially to base of brain, chest, spine and stomach.

Violent pains attending inflammation.

Acute rheumatism, high fever, full, hard rapid pulse, sever pains in joints and muscles ( Bryonia, [Salic. ac.]); scanty, red urine.

Veratrum Viride.Child trembles, jerks, threatened with convulsions; continual jerking or nodding of the head.

Nervous or sick headache; congestion from suppressed menses; intense, almost apoplectic, with violent nausea and vomiting.

Congestive apoplexy, hot head, bloodshot eyes, thick speech, slow full pulse, hard as iron.

Convulsions: dim vision; basilar meningitis; head retracted; child on verge of spasms.

Cerebro-spinal diseases; with spasms, dilated pupils, tetanic convulsions, opisthotonos; cold clammy perspiration.

Sunstroke, head full, throbbing of arteries, sensitive to sound, double or partial vision ( Gelsemium, Gloninum ).

Tongue: white or yellow with red streak down the middle; dry, moist, white or yellow coating, or no coating on either side; feels scalded ( Sanguinaria ).

Veratrum Viride Pulse: suddenly increases and gradually deceases below normal; slow, soft, weak; irregular, intermittent ( Digitalis, Tabacum ).

Veratrum viride should not be given simply to “bring down the pulse,” or “control the heart’s action,” but like any other remedy for the totality of the symptoms.