SYPHILIS by H.A. Roberts

SYPHILIS. ***WE have spoken of the psoric miasms as being closely related to the deficiency diseases, so called. Now on the same basis of the table of…

***WE have spoken of the psoric miasms as being closely related to the deficiency diseases, so called. Now on the same basis of the table of atomic weights in relation to disease conditions we are considering the problem of the venereal taints, syphilis and sycosis. Just as we find the remedies pre-eminently antipsoric in the lower register of atomic weights-below 53-and just as we find these closely related to the constructive elements in living tissue, so we find the elements with the highest powers of destruction in the upper and highest registers of atomic weights.

It is to be remembered that the constrictive elements are, as Millikan states, “in their state of maximum stability already; they have no energy to give up in the disintegrating process. They can only be broken apart by working upon them, or by supplying energy to them….”. However, when we consider the radioactive elements we find the problem an entirely different one, and necessarily their homoeopathic field of action will be different. We cannot expect construction from essentially destructive forces, so long as they remain in their natural state.

Millikan tells us that the process of radioactive disintegration is a process that can take place only in the case of a very few of the very heavy elements; that radioactivity is a heat-evolving (exothermic) process; that it is self destructive in that it gives off of itself in the process and after this process has continued a sufficient length of time the original substance is itself changed; it has become more inert and has less and less radioactive properties and powers. We are told that Uranium, after it has discharged its alpha particles for a considerable period of time (geologically considered) has become so much lighter in atomic weight that we recognize it as Thorium; this eventually is worn down into Radium, and this in turn disintegrates into Lead. Thus we see that these radioactive elements have no choice; they cannot rest in their ceaseless self-destruction, and they cannot come in contact with other substances without in turn destroying them.

We have stated that syphilis is the only miasm or stigma that actually destroys living tissue. It destroys not only soft tissues but bony tissues, and attacks the very life of the unborn child. If, after repeated abortions, a child is born to parent having this marked taint, we frequently find the tissues so disturbed by the attack of the disease that it were better the child had died. If the child is not actually disfigured, and attains the age of puberty, we are sure to find this cruel stamp upon it. The symptom of this miasm as they appear all down its trail have been stated in detail previously. Now we have to consider the chemical affinity of certain elements to the disease taint-in other words, the foreordained homoeopathicity.

It Sulphur is the remedy that most clearly typifies the psoric classifications, so Mercury is the closest remedial synonym for the syphilitic. We find Mercury in the higher range of elements; in fact, from Osmium (76) onward we may consider the proven range of the antisyphilitics. Reference to the homoeopathic materia medica will give us a clear outline of the symptomatology of Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Aurum, Mercury, Plumbum, Bismuth, Radium and Uranium. We have not sufficient provings of some of the other elements in this range. But we often find some of the remedies indicated in these conditions that come in the lower, or constructive, register, How are we to account for this?

McMillan, Thornton and Lawrence of the University of California reported before the National Academy of Sciences in 1935 that they had developed a process whereby certain of the lower elements had been made radioactive. This end was accomplished by “breaking through the enormously high energy barrier that surrounds the nucleus of the atom” and for this purpose they employed a special apparatus, perfected for the purpose, with a very low amperage and very high voltage. Copper and sodium chloride were both made artificially radioactive, and the sodium chloride remains radioactive in solution, even when injected into the tissues.

They were quoted as stating further: “A single drop of water contains enough energy to supply 200 horse power continuously for a year, but at present it takes more energy to break into the atom than is released. When this ratio can be reversed atomic energy will be available.

Millikan says of the more common and lighter elements (such as sodium, for instance): “Man can probably learn to disintegrate them, but he will always do it `by the sweat of his brow.”

Here again we see that radioactivity and disintegration are a common thought, and this applies equally to the syphilitic stigma.

We frequently find a patient susceptible to the action of *Natrum mur. in potentiated form-that is, the form in which the energies have been released by applied force in the form of succussion-who has partaken repeatedly and frequently of salt in the diet with no appreciable vital effect. Yet in the continued attack by force and motion upon the construction of the sodium atom, these energies have been released so that the substance is changed in its very essentials, and it takes on and retains an artificial radioactivity which activates it for a considerable period of time. So it is with many other substances, seemingly inert in their natural state, which take on activity under the homoeopathic potentiation.